2014 New Year Thoughts

     As I start this New Year, I reflect on just how much God has been weaving so much love, care, and provision into my life. He has been faithful to allow me to pursue an education that will be worthy of His calling on my life; He has allowed me to be married which through this experience has taught me much about the relationship God wants with us; He continues to provide me with work experiences which arrive right on time and help me continue to gain the knowledge I need for His greater purpose; and He surrounds me with friends who encourage and love this girl and who continue to delight her with the truth about how she really has and continues to change their world for the better.

This year I’ve been given hope that a few life changing events are in my near future. They will stretch me and grow me and allow me to experience the journey as each one unfolds to reveal more of the dream God has for me and my husband.
It will be an interesting and challenging journey but one that will likely change my life course forever as I move closer and closer in step with my Savior. He is my ultimate Dream Weaver, the Captain of my soul, the One who stands on the shores of delight and wonder and freedom with arms open wide, smile on His face as my own eyes behold His majesty and glory as I look around at just how far he has brought me.
Allow 2014 to be a rekindling of your dreams, your purpose, and your relationship with your Creator who desires nothing more than to be your everything. Learn to say no to the things that distract you from your purpose. Learn to take chances on the things that line up with your purpose and trust God with the results.

For those who are struggling to see purpose, start with a thankful heart, even if all you can be thankful for is the ability to say thank you.

For those who are bound by besetting sins, look up and ask God for the ability to take just one step towards freedom.

For those who assume you’re on the right track and that all is well, step back and eat a slice of humble pie. Give more than you take. Listen more. Smile more. Exude gratitude. Be aware of arrogance and pride. They are sneaky little devils.

Finally, rather than resolutions, perhaps revolution is in order. If your resolution won’t bring about revolutionary ideas and changes in the world around you, perhaps reconsideration is in order.

Happy New Year friends. Keep Jeremiah 29:11 close to your heart: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

What do you think?